The Biltong Man | Tasty Traditional Dro毛wors Sticks

The Biltong Man | Tasty Traditional Dro毛wors Sticks

The Biltong Man | Tasty Traditional Dro毛wors Sticks

Here at The Biltong Man we have spent the past three years infusing the Finest of British beef with the Finest of South African spices to create Britain’s very own Biltong brand. Since we started The Biltong man journey, the question Terri and I get asked most frequently is “Do you make Dro毛wors (Dried Spiced Beef sausage, no pork Just Beef)? The Biltong Man Dro毛wors range has taken its first step with the launch of our South African Traditional Dro毛wors flavor infused with a blend of traditional spices & healthy fats.

About Dro毛wors

Dro毛wors is a Traditional South African dried beef sausage, based on the original, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage and eaten as a tasty nutritious snack. Dro毛wors is popular with all age groups and fitness enthusiasts due to its high protein, natural Creatine, and healthy fat content. It is usually made from dun wors (Afr. “thin sausage”) rather than dik wors (“thick sausage”), as the thinner sausage dries more quickly and is thus less likely to spoil before it can be preserved. If dikwors is to be used, it is usually flattened to provide a larger surface area for drying.

Our Mission

At The Biltong Man, we bring the true flavors of our South African dried beef snack products to the UK and European market, using the best of British produce infused with the finest of South African snacks.

Why Choose The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors?

  • We use only premium ground beef and spices (coriander, coarse salt, and pepper)
  • Our original beef dro毛wors is made using a traditional South African recipe. It is coarsely ground and mildly spiced with cloves and coriander.
  • Convenient packaging in case you wish to “savor” the yummy goodness!
  • After just a short time, our droewors is fast becoming a customer favorite!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the flavor of The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors?

The flavor of our Dro毛wors is traditional South African, infused with a blend of traditional spices.

2. Is The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors keto-friendly?

Yes, our Dro毛wors is keto-friendly as it is made with healthy fats and does not contain any added sugars.

3. How is The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors packaged?

Our Dro毛wors is conveniently packaged in 2 x 500g portions, allowing you to enjoy the yummy goodness whenever you want.


So, if it doesn’t say “The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors” then it’s NOT “The Biltong Man’s Dro毛wors”! Remember “Respect The Beef…. Respect the Sausage!” Try our new, 2 x 500g portion of our traditional Dro毛wors and experience the delicious taste of our premium ground beef infused with traditional South African spices.