POWERPUFF GIRLS – Aura Power Pod – Bubbles

POWERPUFF GIRLS – Aura Power Pod – Bubbles

POWERPUFF GIRLS – Aura Power Pod – Bubbles

Introducing the incredible Aura Power Pod – Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls collection. Join Bubbles, the sweet and innocent member of the Powerpuff Girls, on an exciting adventure filled with superpowers and fun.

Unleash the Power of Bubbles

With the Aura Power Pod – Bubbles, you can unleash the extraordinary powers of this beloved character. Bubbles has the ability to create an aura of happiness and joy, spreading positivity wherever she goes. This power pod allows you to harness her unique abilities and embark on thrilling missions.


  • Activate Bubbles’ aura power with a simple touch
  • Watch as her aura glows and illuminates the room
  • Includes a collectible Bubbles figurine
  • Compatible with other Powerpuff Girls playsets

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Aura Power Pod work?

The Aura Power Pod – Bubbles is activated by a touch sensor. Simply touch the pod to activate Bubbles’ aura power and watch it glow.

2. Can I use the Aura Power Pod with other Powerpuff Girls toys?

Yes, the Aura Power Pod is compatible with other Powerpuff Girls playsets. You can create your own adventures by combining different characters and accessories.

3. Is the Bubbles figurine removable?

Yes, the Bubbles figurine can be removed from the Aura Power Pod. You can play with the figurine separately or place it back in the pod for display.


The Aura Power Pod – Bubbles is a must-have for any Powerpuff Girls fan. Experience the magic of Bubbles’ aura power and embark on exciting adventures with this unique toy. Get ready to spread happiness and save the day with Bubbles and her superpowers!