Beauenty H-Frame Floor Easel

Beauenty H-Frame Floor Easel

Beauenty H-Frame Floor Easel

Introducing the Beauenty H-Frame Floor Easel, a collapsible multipurpose easel made of beech wood. This adjustable easel is perfect for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.


Beech Material

The h-frame easel is made of beech wood, known for its high density, good load-bearing capacity, and durability. The surface of the easel retains the natural beauty of beech wood, with a soft and smooth tone.

Sealed Drawer Design

The h-frame easel features a sealed drawer with a size of 37L x 26W x 7Hcm. This drawer is perfect for storing painting tools such as brushes and pigments. The top cover of the drawer can also be used as a tray, providing convenience for painting anywhere. Additionally, there is a bonus storage area below the drawer, keeping you organized while painting, drawing, and sketching.

Adjustable Height

The lower holder of the easel is fixed with butterfly bolts, allowing for easy height adjustment from 150cm to 190cm. This sturdy and lightweight tripod sketchbox easel can be adjusted to any incline angle position, providing flexibility for artists to draw while standing or sitting.


The adjustable slider of the easel features a grooved slide rail, making it easy to fix different size drawing boards. Whether you are painting or using it for commercial advertising display, this easel can meet your needs.

Strong and Durable

The surface of the easel has been polished multiple times, ensuring a smooth finish without hurting your hands. The hardware fittings of the easel are electroplated, preventing rust and discoloration. This durable easel is suitable for use by kids, beginners, students, as well as advanced artists and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the easel easy to assemble?

Yes, the easel is easy to assemble. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware.

2. Can the easel hold large canvases?

Yes, the adjustable height and sturdy construction of the easel allow it to hold large canvases with ease.

3. Can the drawer accommodate a variety of painting tools?

Yes, the sealed drawer is spacious enough to accommodate various painting tools such as brushes, pigments, and other accessories.


The Beauenty H-Frame Floor Easel is a versatile and durable easel that is perfect for artists of all levels. Its adjustable height, sealed drawer, and multifunctional design make it a great choice for painting, drawing, and commercial advertising display. Invest in this high-quality easel and unleash your creativity!